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Food & Beverages Photography by Ervan Rustam (A professional food photographer Jakarta)

Many people say “don't judge something by their appearance”. Even so, agree or not agree, appearance is indeed the thing that determines one's first impression of a thing. Don't be surprised if food with great appearance is more appetizing than foods that look less good. Even though what looks good doesn't always taste good, we all still need that first good impression to get people’s attention to the food we want to offer. Here is come the important role of a food photographer Jakarta.


Photographer has a deeper understanding of taking the images of foods to make them look more tasty and attractive, and that’s just the way Ervan Rustam is. As an experienced food photographer, using his services is the best choice if you want to get the best results.


Ervan Rustam has long been dealing with photography tricks, he also knows it well how to arrange the foods to have a better look. How he plays with color, how he chooses the background of his food pictures also includes how he edit the pictures so that the results can be even better.

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